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Meeting the All-rounder from the Real World-Kanhaiya Gulati

Meeting the All-rounder from the Real World-Kanhaiya Gulati

Each one of us starts portraying a person who is capable to play equally well with Bat along with being fair with Ball as soon as we hear the term “All-Rounder”.  As I write this article, I feel honored to introduce you to a man who is an all-rounder in real life too. He has explored multiple opportunities at once, managed the paternal legacy along with being a “Family Man” and an “Ideal Boss”. Mr. Kanhaiya Gulati is truly one legendary inspiration.

  • His early life and Business initiation;

His early life was all packed with action as sudden challenges were thrown towards him. Since his childhood, he was used to thinking differently. He wanted to earn name and fame right from the beginning. His main vision was to develop a method to earn big without compromising upon the family time. But all his dream went on the back-flame as when his father Late Chandra Shekhar Gulati expired suddenly. A legacy ended, and a lot was left to be taken over and handled by Kanhaiya ji. Understanding the need of the hour, he took over the wholesale handloom business, and led the show, according to his understanding and guidance from his mother.

  • The first step he took towards his dream;

Shekhar’s Pride was the first step he took towards his dream. Named after his late father Chandrashekhar Gulati, his vision was clear towards Shekhar’s Pride, a famous school in Bareilly. Mrs. Gulati has been closely associated with Shekhar’s Pride School right from its beginning days. Today, Shekhar’s pride is named amongst the best pre-schools in Bareilly for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and cooperative environment.

  • Kanwhizz; A Success Saga curated to support many others

Mr. Gulati has been an explorer. He has been known to experiment with concepts. Kanwhizz was his brainchild as when he thought to expand the venture, he went on a global spree and observed various profitable channels of business. Out of the all, he liked the concept of Direct Selling and Network-based Multi-Level Marketing. The concept was amongst the most yielding concepts which turned to mature as a Magic wand for him as well as others. Starting from a small office in Bareilly, today Kanwhizz is counted amongst the leaders in Network Marketing Companies which bring in legit business and helps you to become your own boss.

kanhaiya gulati

  • A Living legend;

Do you consider the term “A living Legend” aggravated? Meet Mr. Kanhaiyya Gulati and you will realize that the term is not aggravated. A man who raised many people at once, without being backed by support is what Kanhaiya Gulati ji has done for over years. To bring in a platform like Kanwhizz which reaps you benefits equivalent to your efforts with a 300% turn-up is an amazing achievement. To maintain a low-profile, sophisticated profile even after being a multi-millionaire is what describes real success. To call him a living legend is a simple metaphor given to a person with humongous achievement and persona to follow.

  • Kanwhizz Today

Today the company has over 40 franchisee offices across the country. Other than that, the direct networking channel has given more than 10K cars as a reward to people who believed in the concept and worked hard. Their efforts had taken us to a reputable position and helped us to bring in more opportunities to be explored and convert into profitable ventures.

  • His Vision for the Future

After launching an e-commerce portal which showcases over 200 kanwhizz product, Mr. Gulati aims to spread his arms in the field of the construction business. After being successful in the real-estate sector, Kanwhizz will soon be seen marking great achievements in the construction fields in 2020.

  • Leisure means Quality time with Family

A man with a multi-million in the bank is not what defines Mr. Gulati. On the contrary, for him, leisure means spending quality time with his family. As per the availability of time, he prefers to stay back at his native town with his family and visit Vrindavan often for stress busting. Ask him, he will be happy to confirm, that doing this recharges him as he is motivated to take challenges and win over them.

Mr. Gulati, is definitely one great human who carries a magnificent aura with a brainy Vision and down-to-earth nature. A man who held his basics and moral values right and has become a role model for many others who consider tough to balance work and life together.