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The Times of India Name Change Advertisement

The Times of India Name Change Advertisement

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When it comes to name change, an individual has many reasons to take on a new name. They can change their name post marriage (in case of females) or take on a new name they heard doing away with their current name. There is another possibility that a name change seeker just changes their surname and not name. Perhaps just add a new surname (as in case of many married females) or a middle name to the existing one. Therefore, there are many possibilities.

Now all these things will fall into place only if a person follows a streamlined process of name change. It means that there are three steps that every person has to follow in order to rechristen selves. The three steps involved in the name change process are:

  • Getting an affidavit published for name change
  • Getting a newspaper advert published for the same
  • Getting a gazette notification published

Once an individual is done with all these three steps, they can easily continue with the new name that they have chosen for themselves. On the other side, if they miss any of the steps then they will not be able to change their name.

Name Change ads

Delving deeper into the second step of the name change process i.e. getting a newspaper advert published; it is a mandatory step. One can choose any news journal of their choice and get a notice for name changed published. There is a plethora of news journals viz. national dailies, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. that one can choose from in order to publish their notice.

Name Change ads in Newspaper are a kind of public announcements whose main aim is to circulate the news of an individual’s changing their name amongst the people. It therefore becomes a legal proof that will be required in future as well. One has to produce the original newspaper clippings before the concerned authorities to get their name changed on important and essential documents viz. Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, etc. It is therefore advisable that one keeps a dozen of copies of the newspaper post (in original of course!) with them for future reference.

Such a strict and stringent process of name change is to keep a check on fraudulent people who indulge in anti-social activities in the guise of a fake identity somebody who is a non-existing individual. Scrutiny at each level therefore becomes necessary so that no individual can take advantage of opportunity and undertake activities that might harm the society.

As far as the newspaper is concerned, it is already mentioned that all newspapers provide advert space for such notices and hence one can choose any of them. One popular news journal is The Times of India that are chosen by many for advertising needs. Hence, one can consider publishing The Times of India Name Change Classified Advertisement to provide wider reach to their notice.

Thus, it might be a bit longer to take on a new name but not difficult or impossible.

Summary: People change names as well as surnames for various reasons. Name change process involves three steps that one has to follow without which it will not be possible to take on a new name. The second step is newspaper name change notice that one can be published in any news journal of their choice.