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What are some of your deepest and most horrifying secrets that only you know about?

What are some of your deepest and most horrifying secrets that only you know about?

This incident took place 3 years ago ,I was in 9th grade, this year was very life changing experience for me ,I didn’t know what porn was ,I was very innocent .So one day I and my family went to my cousin’s house .

Now please note this is not my real cousin and not 2nd cousin either ,her family is very close to my because our parents were from same village.

So for one day I with mother want to her house ,we played some board games in the morning ,so in India there is a tradition of afternoon nap,so the scene is I and she are in her bedroom where as our parents are in some other room. The ac is on full blast and I don’t have a blanket ,and I am not sleepy either,she was in a blanket ,and her phone with her ,so I decided to take her blanket and phone ,to play some mobile games ,when put my hand over her body to take the blanket and phone ,I found some thing very squishy ,and I saw my hand was on her blossom ,it was a erotic experience ,

I was full turned on so i tried to get my hand in her shirt ,(she was wearin a shirt ,she always does as she likes it ) now my hand was on her bra and suddenly I felt I am doing wrong ,I removed my hand and turned the other way,

But then I felt a tap on shoulders ,I understood she is awake ,but her eyes were closed ,now I see that all the buttons are open and her bra was full visible .I did not think for a second and but my hand under her bra and tried to remove it from the front but it was not happening ,I just pulled it and started licking and sucking it ,first the right than the left part ,than stopped than she hugged me but her eyes were still closed ,I got more into sucking than I felt that some one was opening the door ,so I removed my hand put blanket on body and turned away ,her mother just came in and left with charger ,I was very scared .

She than woke her buttoned her shirt and went to washroom, I was able to hear her mourning ,I was kid than I didn’t understand than , I thought she was crying ,but no she wasn’t she came out of washroom very happy

Latter that evening she loving pinched my cheeks and said you have grown up now.

Now ,I want to know that she was awake (i licked her blossom ,she was awake for sure) or not ,did I commit a crime ,why she did stop me , why she did not slap me.