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What are your dark secrets which haven’t been confessed to anyone?

What are your dark secrets which haven’t been confessed to anyone?

I am a 18 yrs girl, from a small town of Bihar . I didn’t confess my secrets to anyone, I was molested by a dentist in my town who was close friend of my dad.

  • 18th july

When i was just 12 that time and due to a shiver pain in my teeth, i asked my dad to take me his Dr friend. He told me that i was quite busy to come with you, its better you go with your younger brother, i ll make call to him that you are coming.

As a kid, i was so excited to see a dentist clinic. He welcomed me so nicely and took me inside as my younger brother was too small to understand anything, he remained outside of clinic.

Thats the beginning of hell, he told me to close my eyes and open my mouth and so i did. I was unaware of his dirty intention, he opened my shirt buttons when i started saying what are you doing. He told me to be silent and do what he was saying, i was so afraid, he started moving inside my tees and pinching my small breasts which was just started to grow. It was hurting so i tried to speak then he locked my words with hs mouth, he kissed me so badly that i was not understanding and felt only bad and bad.

He started removing my skirt and reached inside my panty, the cruel man didnt realise i was still a little girl and for whom he is torturing physically as well as mentally. I could not run off from there as the clinic was locked from inside, the way he touched my body rushed his lips towards mine made my small mind full of fear.

After 2 hr he just gave me two tablets and told me to come next day. The terror which he spread inside me is still present. I went home didnt say a word to my mom and dad. They never knew what their princess has suffered from.

I am unable to write further it, i hope you guys will understand.

I am saying this here not as i want sympathy but to make you aware that dont leave your child alone, whether its your close friend or your relatives. Only a parent can keep child safe.

Thanks for scrolling.

Have a smiling day.

Source – quora