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Best Ecommerce platform in India to build your online store

On the off chance that there is one thing Covid 19 has shown us, is that brands presently have a stong and reasonable channel to interface straightforwardly with purchasers – and that channel is digital. With a huge number of direct to purchaser brands springing up, setting up your online store or Ecommerce platform in India has never been all the more simple.

The Top 9 Best Ecommerce Website Builders

  • Wix — Best for getting a store up in minutes
  • E-Dukan on Rent — Ready to Use E-commerce online store solutions
  • BigCommerce — Best site builder for multichannel selling
  • Squarespace — Highest quality website templates
  • Square Online — Best integration with brick-and-mortar
  • Zyro — Best eCommerce site builder for beginners
  • Shopify — Most customizable eCommerce site builder
  • Weebly — Most affordable for small businesses
  • Shift4Shop — Best enterprise-level builder at rock bottom prices

I’ll explain the top features, benefits, prices, and specific use-cases for the platforms below. I’ll point out any potential downsides or drawbacks, as well

#1 – Wix is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide.

If you’re creating a new eCommerce site without any experience, the simplicity of Wix will make your life much easier. Its incredibly versatile platform is practically tailor-made for someone with no web development experience.

#2 E-Dukan on Rent

You can control your business at your fingertip by taking your Dukan online with E-Dukan on rent. Ecommerce platform in India, E-Dukan on rent is the perfect platform that can make you own up a name for yourself and provide a stage where you are perfectly in control of your business and take it the way you best wanted. So, what are you waiting for, buckle up, and start an online store on E-Dukan on rent?

Prices & Plans:

·         E-Dukan (Atmanirbhar Individual Package) Rs.1100/- PER MONTH

·         E-Dukan (LIte PACKAGE) Rs. 1999/- PER MONTH

·         E-Dukan (Business Package) Rs. 4999/- PER MONTH

For More Details:

#3 BigCommerce

It’s also very versatile. It has B2B-specific features like bulk pricing rates, quote management, customer groups, and custom price lists. BigCommerce specializes in multichannel selling.

Every plan comes with the ability to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, and POS.So for those of you who want to leverage omnichannel sales, BigCommerce should be at the top of your list.

The website builder itself is very intuitive and includes a drag-and-drop tool that makes creating the website easy.

#4 Squarespace 
Squarespace offers eCommerce functionality built directly into its plans, which is not the case for most traditional website builders.

Perhaps the reason most people love them, though, is their beautiful, award-winning template designs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro who loves to jump in and craft a website to your exact design specs or if you’re a complete beginner who just wants a fantastic looking website right out of the box.

#5 Square Online 

Square is best known for their point-of-sale software (which is great, by the way). However, they also have a great website builder that comes packed with features for free. It’s especially great if you already use Square for your in-store POS system. The website will be able to seamlessly integrate with Square POS. You’ll also be able to accept all major credit cards, sync with your existing Square POS, and streamline your inventory management.

It’s so good that we highly recommend both their services for brick-and-mortar stores. It gives you a great way to seamlessly integrate your website with your current POS system.

Ecommerce platform in India

#6 Zyro

Zyro offers a very beginner-friendly experience that comes at a highly affordable price.

Using drag-and-drop tools, you’ll be able to lay out exactly how you want your website to look and see it change in real time. In fact, you’ll be able to set up your website up and running very quickly.

#7 Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in existence. More than one million online stores are powered by Shopify. They’re still growing too—and for good reason.

Out of the box, Shopify is the most powerful ecommerce website builder on the market today. This web-based CMS comes with everything you need to set up and manage your online store.

To get started, choose from one of Shopify’s 70+ free and premium themes.

#8 Weebly

Weebly is another well-known website builder that offers a free forever plan. In fact, this plan made my list of the best free website builders on the market today.

Unfortunately, the free plan doesn’t include ecommerce capabilities. But, you can still use it to test out the Weebly platform before you upgrade to a paid subscription.

Their ecommerce builder plans are still some of the lowest priced ones out there. That makes Weebly one of the most affordable options you could look at.

# 9 Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop (formerly known as 3DCart) is certainly not the most popular ecommerce website builder on the market—but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on it.

In fact, they offer an enterprise-grade plan for absolutely free.

I know what you’re thinking, “If it’s free, and they must skimp on the features.”


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for building an eCommerce site, Ecommerce platform in India then look no further than the choices on this list.

These are the best choices for building a new online store from scratch.

I’ve included an option for every type of website below. Here’s a recap of my top picks for the best eCommerce website builders to see which category fits your unique situation.

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