Do not miss out publishing Recruitment Ads in Newspaper

Any work that has not been planned well often gives below average results. Hence, it is extremely important to chalk out a plan for any work that you are about to undertake.  

This goes well for the hiring process as well. If you are aiming to hire the best talent that can prove to be an asset for your company and take it to greater heights then it is essential for you to plan well in advance how are you going to run the recruitment process and what will be the steps of selection.

Here are a few points that will provide you some guidelines to streamline the recruitment process. Take a look:

  • First and foremost determine what actually your organization needs, which means try to find out the departments that have shortage of skilled-people and then come up with vacancies in each vertical of your company.

  • Now think of the requirements needed for a particular position and the qualifications, experience, skill-set, etc. that you will seek in the candidates that will send their resume to appear for the selection process.

  • Now once you have decided the job description of a particular post, move further and decide the salary that you will offer for the profile. It should be profitable for both the employer as well as the employee so you need to mind boggle a lot for this!

  • Once you are done with deciding the above parameters, now comes the announcement part of the job role. It means you will have to figure out ways in which you will announce the job profile. You can use any channel for this purpose viz. websites, internal communication amongst the employees for internal referrals, etc.
  • There is another channel that is conventional and has been helping people post job vacancies for decades now; it is newspapers. Printed news journals have been in use for advertising and promotion for quite long.

  • There are a lot of companies that have been publishing recruitment ads in newspaper to fine the skilled-people from across the nation. One such news journal is The Times of India and for years people have been posting Times of India Recruitment Advertisement.
  • After your advertising the job vacancy you will be flooded with candidate resumes. So, now the next step would be to shortlist the profiles. You can do this by consulting the team of the concerned department that is looking for the skilled-people.
  • Post short listing, you will have to conduct the selection process either by taking an exam or Group Discussion or interviews.

So, by now you might have realised how much homework is required for selecting the right candidate for the company. It is indeed an important task undertaken by the Human Resources team that cannot be under-estimated in any way.

There might be some additional steps that will join the above checklist depending on the requirements of the companies that vary.

However, one thing is worth taking into consideration and that is the role of newspapers in announcing the job vacancy. So, one should never miss on the same.

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