Finding a suitable match for self? Why don’t you publish Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

The role of newspapers in finding a suitable match cannot be under-estimated. News chronicles have been helping people in finding their soul-mate for decades now. Internet has taken over the advertising scene and many websites have come up that are exclusively for match-making.

However, despite a direct threat from such portals newspapers are still ruling the charts! Despite matrimonial websites and all newspapers are still in demand and people are not shying away from placing matrimonial notices in a printed form.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing newspapers to publish a matrimonial notice. Some of them are as follows:

  • One of the reasons for the popularity of matrimonial ads in newspaper is there credibility. Such notices are published only by those who are seriously looking forward to get married and settle down. Hence, those people who are looking for a suitable match prefer a newspaper advert for matrimony more reliable than any other channel.

  • There is also another very important factor that adds to the popularity of the newspaper matrimonial posts and that is the tried and tested formula that they are. News journals have been producing success stories year after year. It means that many people have come in contact with each other and have settled into a matrimonial alliance. It is due to this reason that till date newspapers are considered a reliable channel for fixing a marriage alliance.

  • Another benefit is the availability of so many newspapers i.e. a diverse catalogue. Every segment of population and demographics have a newspaper to cater to their needs and requirements. News journals can be categorized as national dailies, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. Hence, every individual has wide choice to select from. Regional language papers are best for those who are looking forward to find a partner from their region.

  • A newspaper advert can be browsed (or rather read) by people who are not tech-savvy for example our good old generation who are not so adapted to the world of internet and online modes. Hence, for such people newspapers work best to find a life-partner for their wards.

  • Newspapers have great in-depth penetration to every part of the country and they reach to the places where internet hasn’t been able to make their foothold. Hence, to cater to such population newspapers are the best medium.

Matrimonial ads in newspaper can be published in any format viz. as a classified text ad and a classified display ad post. The third category is display adverts that are seldom used for such posts as they are mostly used for commercial advertising. 

The Times of India is a news journal that offers ad space for matrimonial notices. A lot of people get Times of India Matrimonial Advertisement published in the desire to get good response and they get the same!

Newspaper matrimonial posts thus can offer a great opportunity to find a life-partner. One should not miss out on this channel while searching for their soul-mate.  

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