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Madhu Shekhar Bhandari Dubai

SWAFE is the journey of a renowned entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Madhu Shekhar Bhandari, after his personal experience with deteriorating health.

A journey that took him to discovery of a holistic approach using nature as a source of medicine to create breakthroughs in his health led him to take it upon himself as a responsibility to share the journey of reversing his health from almost to the end of a life, back to a rejuvenated state. His extensive personal research about different systems of medicine has led him to empower people to better health, after they have exhausted conventional methods

Through his journey of 17 years, Madhu Bandari Dubai has been able to put together a holistic approach for a well-balanced life that is drug-free. Nature has its own sources and forms of healing the individual by balancing the 5 elements.

Swafe is an acronym of these elements of Space, Water, Air, Fire & Earth. With the knowledge and balancing of the five elements allows an individual to understand the laws of nature and to use nature cure methods to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

Mr. Madhu Shekhar Bhandari Dubai, UAE
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Business Tycoon, Dubai, UAE.

SWEET is the meaning of my title (Madhu), filled with objective driven energy to assist humankind at all conceivable levels a human like me can, and might you as well in the future! With a 40bn dollar group of companies under my banner and 3,500 employees to lead, I have taken it upon myself as a responsibility to share with the world a miraculous way of living a drug-free life. A journey that I experienced for the last 17 years of discovering true wealth, your health.

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