Publish Tender Notice ads in newspaper

Work wonders with newspaper adverts; Publish Tender Notice ads in newspaper

Tender notices are an invitation to call suitable vendors for a particular project or a certain job at competitive prices.

Such posts are published in printed forms i.e. in newspapers and printed journals. Usually, Government entities and Semi-government bodies get such posts published in the newspapers. 

Why newspapers are the preferred channel for Tender Notices?

There are various reasons why newspapers are chosen to publish Tender Notices:

  • The first reason is the access to a wide population that newspapers provide for any kind of post and not just Tender Notices. Since news journals reach every corner of the country therefore they are best to make public announcements. A single advert reaches out to a large population pool.

  • The catalogue of newspapers is diverse which means that an advert seeker gets enough choice to select any news journal of their choice. There are national dailies like The Times of India and an ad seeker can book Times of India Tender Notice Advertisement. Then there are regional news journals, vernaculars, community and local newspapers, etc.

  • In-depth penetration is a very important factor that makes news journals remain ahead in the race of advertising and promotion. It means that newspapers reach out to the people of remote areas as well where internet technology hasn’t invaded the place. Newspapers cater to the people who are not tech-savvy and reside in the tier three cities or villages with limited or absolutely no internet facility.

  • Another benefit is the value-for-money that they provide to the advertisers and the fact that newspapers have low cost per reach that makes them an economical option for the advertisers.

  • Flexibility of advertising is another very important factor that adds to the reasons of success of news journals. With flexibility we mean that advertisers can change the content as well as the format of their ad copy if they find that the notice is not working for them and isn’t producing the desired response.

  • With the advent of websites and portals booking or Tender Notice ads in newspaper or for that matter any other notice can be done instantly via online mode. One simply needs to fill-in the online form and make payment over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, NEFT, Debit or Credit card, etc.

There is a standard format in which Tender notices are written. They have a formal tone to announce a piece of information. In case an ad seeker doesn’t know the exact format they can easily check the same online via referring to the advert samples that are available online.

As far as the format of such posts is concerned one can choose classified display adverts or display ad format for the same.

The first one uses bold text and coloured font and the second one are full, half or quarter page notices that incorporate images as well to emphasize on the information given.

There are lot of things that you can do to make your classified newspaper advert interesting. Therefore, consider newspaper adverts for your advertising needs.

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