Remembrance Notices Are the Most Common Type of Newspaper Advertisements

Remembering a loved one is a natural process that none of us can do away with. Whether we have lost a near and dear one recently or decades back, we feel the pain deep down our hearts whenever their memory crosses our mind. Hence, it is an inevitable process!

To commemorate the departed soul, you can arrange for a prayer meet or can donate in their name on the occasion of the death anniversary every year. It is always a good idea to invite well-wishers and friends to such prayer meets as they will also pray for the well-being of the one bygone.

Newspapers are the best channel to publish remembrance notices. They provide an economic platform to circulate the news. The penetration of the newspapers is quite deep which means that they have a wide readership across the nation.

Different regions have varied newspaper reader base. Vernaculars and regional news journals are widely read in areas where the predominant language is other than Hindi or English. On the other hand, when we talk about newspapers that can take the post far and wide on a PAN India level, national dailies do the job in a much better way.


One of the leading national dailies is Times of India which has readers from all across the nation. The reader base doesn’t just come from the metro cities but tier two and three cities as well. Since the news journal offers ad space for all sorts of notices hence this newspaper is the top choice of advertisers for marketing and promotion.

Hence, the classified ad section is always flooded with all categories of ad posts. One of the popular categories is remembrance notices which are published by the survivors of the deceased on the death anniversary (or may be a day or two prior in case there is a ceremony to be held on the day.)


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