Alkaline Antioxidant Water

What is alkaline ionized water?

 What is alkaline ionized water? 

Water is the most important particle of life. We can’t imagine life without it. For your goods health, 75% should be available in our body. Word “alkaline” already denotes to its PH level. Alkaline water has goof level PH level than normal drinking water it also contains alkaline minerals and harmful oxidation-reduction potential. On PH water tester level scale if water is less than 7 then it is “acidic” or above 7 then it is “alkaline”.   

Benefits of Alkaline ionized water 

 Drinking alkaline water is considered safe because it contains natural minerals. There are various benefits of alkaline ionized water. Alkaline water helps to release toxins from the body. They are the antioxidants for the body helps to heal the damage caused to the body. Good ionization of water also depends on filtration many water ionizers provide good filtration of the water with SWAFE International wellness LLC proved an alkaline structured water ionizer with the best filtration quality.  

A more recent study that included 100+ people found a major difference in whole blood structure after consuming high-pH water compared to normal water after a laborious workout. Viscosity is the direct measurement of how proficiently blood flows during the vessels. Alkaline water has various minerals which help to maintain healthy bones like magnesium and calcium. 

Helps in Brain Function  

 It helps in Brain Function Hydrogen antioxidants go into the blood-brain barrier. People can actually feel this happening, quite often after drinking ionized water you will experience a wave of mental clarity, almost immediately. It is a very strong sense, and one of the many wonderful things I love about ionized water. 


Alkaline water has many potent antioxidants that help the growth of cells damaging free radicals in the body. Alkaline water benefits include boost immunity and energy to the body. The immune system may help to neutralize the body which is caused by poor diet, stress, and environmental toxins. It helps in maintaining health in various parts of the body like the brain, heart, cells, Liver, lungs, skin, etc. 

Benefiting cancer  

Ionized alkaline water helps to prevent cancer.  We observed that drinking alkaline ionized water was to be a major factor in fighting cancers. Water is one of the only substances that circulate around your body almost instantly as soon as you consume it. It is the same as the air in that way. When it’s alkalized and full of molecular hydrogen antioxidants, it is like having a twenty-four-seven medical team going into each and every cell and giving them the urgent care they need to stay healthy and escape whatever disease might be lurking. 

What is Water Ionizer? 

 Alkaline Antioxidant water ionizer is the alkaline machine. It gets keen on your water supply and splits the water clusters into two streams of water alkaline water and acidic water. A water ionizer is actually a good water filtration device. There are some water ionizers that offer only fair filtration, but depending on the brand and model you buy, the water ionizer’s filtration ranges from good to outstanding.  

The study found that SWAFE wellness international LLC proves the best alkaline antioxidant water ionizer with various features. It has an automated cleaning function every time you use fully convertible and automatic flow control. They provide you an antioxidant water ionizer for the body and with them, they provide you the online diet consultation in Dubai. 

Is it cost-effective? 

A water ionizer is a natural tool for being healthy and stay disease-free. Water plays a major role to prevent diseases. It is the most effective tool to make you and your family healthy. Prevention of disease isn’t something one can prove very easily, however when I compare my body’s state of health now with where it was headed 25 years ago, I can see and know that we are wasting our money on medicines. 

Alkaline Diet 

 With an alkaline water ionizer, you should also have to take care of your diet, the alkaline diet is quite healthy with a high intake of fruits and vegetables with restricting junk foods. Get your diet in the right form and in the right method with SWAFE International Wellness LLC by getting the right online Diet consultation in Dubai.   

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